We would like to wish you the warmest welcome to Nyala Luxury Safari Tents. Your safety, enjoyment and comfort are of the utmost importance to us. We have therefore compiled this Booklet containing important aspects, guidelines and rules pertaining to the Reserve.

  • Marloth Park is a community Reserve and the development strives to provide for a long-term sustainable socio-economic benefits for the beneficiary community. Please assist us to take care of this extraordinary property that is rich in terms of natural and cultural history on their behalf by leaving the lodgeas you found it.
  • You are required to sign an Indemnity on your arrival at the main gate. By signing the Indemnity, you will be deemed to have read and understood the Reserve Rules. No one will be allowed on the Reserve unless the indemnities have been Visitors may not walk around the development nodes after dark as leopards do enter the development nodes on occasion.
  • All wild animals must be treated with caution and respect, approaching wild animals is not permitted and is unsafe.
  • Marloth Park is a Malaria area. Taking preventative measures is advised to especially in the summer. Bear in mind that prophylactics typically need to be taken in advance
  • You are advised to wear appropriate clothing and use repellents for mosquitoes, particularly during the rainy season. You are advised to take adequate precaution against the sun.
  • Do not walk bare foot, particularly at night, anywhere in the immediate area outside of the lodge g.,walking to rooms.
  • Keep all windows and doors closed when not in the lodge; in order to prevent wild animal It is not advisable to sleep with the doors open.
  • Do not attract unwarranted attention by leaving cash, expensive jewelry, cameras,binoculars, and other valuables or unsecured.


  • Please consider the peace and tranquility of the African Bush as paramount during your stay on the Reserve. Do not make any unreasonable noise or disturbance during your visit.
  • Music, radios and televisions may not be used in any such manner that the sound is audible to a neighboring Any such noise, disturbance or music will result in a penalty.
  • No white spotlights are permitted to be used at a lodge. Only red-filtered lights are permitted to be used directly in front of your lodge and not in front of, or across a neighbor’s
  • No Drones or any other type of UAV’s are permitted anywhere on the Reserve, including the development nodes.


  • The Reserve is required by law to comply with the Tobacco Products Control Amendment Act, 2010.
  • There is a strict non-smoking policy applicable inside all lodges. If you are smoking outside, please use ashtrays and ensure your cigarettes, etc. are properly extinguished.
  • Cigarette butts are litter, please don’t discard of them in the bushveld.


  • There is limited electrical supply capacity in the Reserve
  • Turn off your air-conditioning units when not in use. Try to limit the use of aircons.
  • Please switch off lights and appliances when not in use.
  • Conservative use of lighting creates a wonderful ambience at night.


  • Please keep your water usage within reason.
  • Please ensure that taps are properly turned off.
  • Where possible re-use your room towels.


  • Do not in any way disturb the plants, trees, insects and animals anywhere on the Reserve and please pick up any litter around the
  • Alien and exotic plants are not allowed in the reserve as they are extremely invasive and endanger the indigenous biodiversity.
  • No pets are allowed anywhere on the Reserve in terms of the Rules and Regulations of Marloth Park.


  • Exercise extreme caution when making a fire in a boma. Only fires appropriate for cooking are allowed, no large fires or bonfires are allowed. Make sure you know where the nearest water source (hose pipe) is located.
  • Extinguish all open fires / coals / embers in the braai and boma area prior to going to bed.
  • Do not leave open fires unattended. You must ensure that all coals are fully extinguished and
  • that embers are under the fire cover provided before retiring from the boma.
  • Open fires are not permitted on windy nights.
  • You are not allowed to collect firewood anywhere in the Reserve.


  • Admittance to Nyala Luxury Safari Tents is totally at your own risk and no responsibility whatsoever will be accepted by the management, staff or owner of Nyala Luxury Safari Tents for any loss, damages, injury or sickness.
  • Nyala Luxury Safari Tents reserves the right of admission.
  • Arrival times: From 14h00 – 19h00
  • Departure time: 11h00
  • The person that made the booking, shall be the person held responsible for the settlement of the account.
  • We supply linen and towels.
  • No TV in Tents.
  • Nyala Luxury Safari Tents is a self- catering camp.
  • Kitchen and dining area is fully equipped with necessary utensils.
  • We supply a limited quantity of dishwashing liquid and toilet paper.
  • A refundable breakage, cleaning and keys deposit of R500.00 is payable on arrival.
  • We will make sure that all the tents are clean & tidy upon arrivaland we expect to receive it back in the same condition. If we must wash dishes and dry clean dirty couch covers, pillows etc. you will forfeit part of your deposit.
  • Each tent has a complete inventory of all the equipment, crockery & cutlery. Guests are requested to check the list and to report any missing or damaged items on arrival.
  • An inventory check will be done before departure and all damages, cleaning costs will be subtracted from your deposit.
  • Guests are welcome to walk on Marloth Park during daytime at own risk.
  • This is a bushveld lodge where people come to relax and to enjoy nature and guests are expected tohonor the privacy of other guests and no excessive noise will be allowed.
  • Please note that no liquor/ glass is allowed at the swimming pool area.
  • Use of swimming pool is at own risk.
  • We offer different types of game drives with an open vehicle, to be arranged with management. Prices are available on request.
    • 3 h game drive along the Kruger fence line on the banks of the crocodile river
    • Full day Kruger
    • Half day Kruger
  • Firewood and game feed be purchased at the following prices:
    • Game feed : R50,00 per bucket
    • Firewood: R50,00 per bag

We at Nyala Luxury Safari Tents will assure you of our best service and attention at all times.


  • Bookings will only be accepted by e-mail, no telephone bookings.
  • Correspondence by WhatsApp or telephone
  • Proof of deposit/payment to be e-mailed to us to confirm your booking.
  • Only cash or Internet transfers, no credit card facilities.
  • All reservations require a 50% non-refundable accommodation deposit to confirm a booking and full payment of the accommodation must be made 21 days before arrival of guests, after which no cancellations will be accepted.

All requests, confirmations and cancellations are only valid if in writing.


  • No walking around in the bush/ on the streets after dark (Sunset to sunrise curfew is enforced for all residents and guests).
  • Local speed limits are: 50 km on tar roads and 30 km on dust
  • Animals have right of way at ALL TIMES. Please also remain vigilant when driving to avoid harming small creatures like tortoises, snakes, and lizards, etc.
  • No hand-held spotlights allowed at night when viewing animals.
  • Please do not feed the animals – especially monkeys and baboons.
  • No pets allowed.
  • No loud music or noise – disturbing animals or neighbors is strictly prohibited and carries heavy fines.