About Us

What do you do when you have an addiction to Kruger Park? Well, the answer is not that difficult – you make a life out of helping other people share your wild addiction!-)

This mutual love of all things Africa and especially her wildlife, is what inspires your hosts, Antje and Jacob, to help you have the best possible African Safari holiday experience. Located in what is arguably the world’s best-loved wildlife regions, Nyala Luxury Safari Tents offer guests a rare opportunity to have a truly intimate immersion in nature, without compromising on comfort.


Antje and Jacob agree – if you want to leave the noise and chaos of civilization behind (including technology), then Nyala is for you!

Aside from the luxury accommodation, there is also so much to experience in and around the property… Inviting leisure areas where you can relax, birds and wildlife in the garden, nature walks and so much more!

Neighboring Kruger Park is just a 20 minute drive away, and a safari is a must.

As you sit around the boma fire under the dazzling night sky, you’ll understand Antje and Jacob’s compulsion to share the magic of this amazing place with their guests… it truly is magical!